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A TBI has resulted in my fiance being under the care of a nursing facility that causes more harm then good. Do I need a lawyer?

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This place has been the cause of several emergency room trips and has delayed his progress with their status reports to the ins company. The last straw was yesterday when he fell out of bed and broke his hip. He was left on the floor, naked for nearly an hour before he was found. He asked the nurse to call his mother because he was in extreme pain. When the nurse called she told his mother that he was fine and have been given Tylenol and that she did not need to call an ambulance because they had it handled. When his mother did arrive and saw how bad he was injured she called an ambulance. The EMT's wouldn't even touch him without an order for morphine. He is in surgery today. This is the only place that will accept his state insurance, we can not pay for private care. What can we do?

The TBI was caused from a car accident he was in. He had a couple of drinks earlier that night and took Ambian to sleep. Hours later his car was found in a ditch with him unconscious on the floor only a few hundred feet down the road. He has no memory of what happened. We can not move him from where he is because he has been denied services from other facilities and has lost much needed therapy based upon inaccurate status reports from where he is now. No one else will accept his state funded insurance. We're stuck. We need a good Arizona attorney to help us with this.

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Consult a nursing home abuse attorney ASAP and look for a different place for your fiancé. There must be somewhere else. I'm sorry your going brought this fiasco but there is help out there. Best of luck.

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Yes, a nursing home abuse attorney can investigate. You didn't mention how he got a TBI.


I answered your most recent post. Sorry to hear about this. Contact a lawyer asap. Good luck.

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