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A statement like "Justin is a common law trained lawyer" means that:

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the meaning of a common law trained lawyer

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Controlling authority comes from many sources including common law, statutes, regulations promulgated under those statutes and the Constitution itself, both federal and state. So, commenting on a quote like this is difficult out of its context. The common law has developed through the centuries and up to the present by way of decisions written by the courts. But, the other sources are always present and all attorneys need to know all of them for the Bar Exam.

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It likely means he didn't go to law school, but it is not a commonly used phrase.

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If you are in New York, it could mean that "Justin" only went to law school for a year and then studied in a lawyers office prior to taking the bar exam. New York is one a handful of states that still permits this practice. It could also mean that Justin is trained like every other American lawyer (except those in Louisiana).

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