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A police report was filed against me, accusing me of taking items from someone's home. Do I contact the police to get a copy?

Gainesville, GA |

I do not know what to do. I was told that a report was filed against me. Do I contact the police to get a copy of this? I was working for a woman, and her daughter filed a report stating that items were taken from her mother's home. I am concerned as to what was said about me to the police. I am shocked that this was done. Please advise me about this. Thank you.

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Hire a lawyer and s/he can get it for you. You absolutely do not want to speak to the police without a lawyer. The police will not give you a copy of the report before charges have been filed in court, but they will use the opportunity to get a statement from you. Trust me, there is nothing you can say to help your situation. Let you lawyer do the work for you.

good luck


I absolutely agree with Ms O'Connor. Do NOT talk to the cops, as they will be more then willing to take a statement from you, but will not tell you what they already have done with their investigation. Discuss this with an experienced GA defense lawyer before you make any decisions about what to do. Good luck.

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Speak to a GA licensed attorney. Do NOT speak to the police (or anyone else) about this incident. Anything you say to the police, or anyone else (besides a GA licensed attorney) could be twisted and miscontrued and used against you later if charges are filed against you.


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