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A police officer is asking me to give a statement for a case against my guy friend because his wife filed a complaint. Should I?

Dallas, TX |

The wife called my job and told them I showed her a message where he threatened to harm her. I showed her no such message. She filed a police report and the detective is asking me to give a statement or my side of the story. He says I was suppose to send her a copy of the message - I don't have one as there was no such message. My HR department questioned me about this and of course I told them I'm unaware of this ghost message. I did meet up with the wife on her suggestion and showed her pictures and text messages from him to me. Can she make these false allegations implementing me and involve my job? He and I work together and do not communicate on work assets outside of lunch suggestions?

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Attorney answers 1


It sounds to me you are being dragged into a situation between to warring sides. However, I would still recommend you contact an attorney at least for a consultation, if nothing else. Most officers are doing there best to prove up a case, but you do have a right not to communicate with them in certain situations. I would recommend trying to sit down with a lawyer and go over your options.

If you are subpeoned as a witness in case, you have to respect that subpeona or else you open yourself up to penalties on your own. I would recommend talking with an attorney that can give you a full consult on your situation.