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A person with a CDL is driving without a licence. can I call the company he's contracted to work for and let them know?

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This person is self employed with a CDL and does contract work regularly with the same companies. His license has been suspended and he also has warrant for failure to pay child support. I was wondering if I could legally call the companies he does contract work for and let them know about the suspension and warrant or do they even care?

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There is no restriction on a private party from reporting to companies that their driver lacks a license to drive their vehicles. Your potential liability is if the information is false or inaccurate and the person gets terminated or loses a contract as a result. You may be liable for interference with contract or potential business advantage. As previously advised you could also report the party to law enforcement.
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The warrant may or may not be of interest. They'd be acting rather foolish if they used an unlicensed driver after being aware of the circumstances. Of course, if you know where someone works, know they are unlicensed and know of a warrant, if you are wanting to go all John Q or Jane Q Goodcitizen on the matter, a call to local law enforcement would appear to be a two birds, one call scenario.

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