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A person claims I hit them. No damage to his Van. He filed in small claims. I have insurance. What recourse do I have.

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No contact. Probably a transmission problem that he interpreted as impact. He called police to file a report. Police told me to to worry. I informed my insurance company. I have pictures of his van showing no impact damage. I found a small claims summons taped to my door and received another copy in the mail. Shouldn't this be handled by our insurance companies? Is that proper service?

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I suggest you immediately call your insurance carrier and advise them that you have been sued. You also should forward the summons and a copy of the complaint to your insurance carrier, via certified, return receipted mail. Include a cover letter in which you advise them of the contents of the envelope and demand that they defend the action on your behalf. They will hire a defense attorney for you and that defense attorney can challenge, if proper, the service that was made upon you.

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