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A passenger in a accident was told that one in fault do not have proper insurance coverage what do that mean

Monroe, LA |
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If the at fault person does not have insurance, it means getting paid for your injuries is more complicated.
The driver may have medical payments or UM coverage you can look into.
You may have medical payments coverage you can look into.
You may have a solid action against the at fault driver, but there may be no assets to collect.

I suggest you see an experienced injury attorney in your area to fully explore your options.


Based on the limited facts you've provided, it is hard to say. But it sounds like the car that rear-ended you did not have insurance. So you would need to look at other options. I suggest you hire a lawyer to look at all of your options.


First step: if you have insurance, contact your insurer and let them pursue the at-fault driver. Otherwise, look for a personal injury lawyer in your area, and be prepared to outline the extent of your physical injuries. As my colleague mentioned, though, it is very difficult to collect a judgment from someone with neither insurance nor assets.


If the person that caused the wreck did not have automobile insurance, the passenger might have difficulty collecting any money for his injuries. However, if the passenger and/or owner of the vehicle the passenger was riding in has UM and/or Med Pay coverage, the passenger still can collect for his injuries. Otherwise, the passenger might be out of luck or will have a difficult time trying to obtain recovery for his injuries.

I recommend you speak to an experienced injury lawyer to explore your options.


the driver of the car in which you were riding may have Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage and/or medical payments coverage--Medical Payments Coverage is also known as Personal Injury protection. If YOU own a car with uninsured coverage or medical payments coverage, you can assert a claim if the driver does not have UM or his coverage is insufficient.--If you are a minor or a member of a household with an auto policy, there may also be coverage.

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