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A neighbor who sent text messages to all other neighbors saying I threatened to kill there dogs if they got out again.

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I have a neighbor who has sent text messages to all the neighbors saying we threatened to kill there dogs if they got out again. There dogs have gotten out 5 times, each time we have put them back in their yard. My dad let there nanny know that we didn't want the dogs to get killed running around outside their gate as people drive fast up and down the road. Now we have people doing burn outs in our front yard thinking we said this. Is this considered slander?

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From now on do not touch your neighbors dogs when they run out of the yard, call the police. Also, when people are doing burnouts in front of your house call the police. You can then tell the responding officers about the text messages and what is going on.

Have one of your neighbors forward the text message to you so that you can show it to the police.

Good luck.

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Maybe, and you could sue but it's so expensive you shouldn't because you have few to no financial damages. My advice is to talk to your neighbors and squash this situation like adults if you can.



There is a lot more then just the dogs. It all started when I had a metal building put up in my back yard... All permitted and legal. He sent a cease and desist from his attorney to have me stop because I was blocking his view. He also made a false claim to the county I was running a business from my house. Not to mention throwing his dog feces in my yard which I had a police report taken.

Christopher John Gansen

Christopher John Gansen


You may wish to look into civil restraining orders/civil harassment orders. Start here: There's a link to forms for civil harassment on there. Once you file the order, give a copy to your local police.


A local lawyer could send a cease and desist letter, but a defamation lawsuit would be cost prohibitive without damages. Discuss with a local Phelan attorney.

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