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A manager moved in some friends of her to our apartment complex. They are drug peddlers/gangsters. Can the landlord be sued?

Los Angeles, CA |

Can a nuisance claim be made against the landlord for allowing his employees to bring in her drug peddling/gangster friends? They have also been threatening and insulting me, because I addressed an issue with them. That only made them even worst. The manager and the landlord did not respond to a message I left. What are my options? What Can I do about this situation?

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When situations like this arise, it is imperative that you address the issue with your landlord in writing (date it and keep a copy). You may want to pursue the issue directly with the owner. A positive relationship with your landlord is worth is weight in gold, so be open and honest and propose a solution. If you are accusing other tenants of drug activity, then have evidence to back up that allegation. The landlord can evict tenants for illegal activity. Check this link for some good information:


You can bring a nuisance claim. You would need strong evidence about what they were doing; saying that they were dealers and gangsters would not be enough. You should probably see an attorney, but you can ultimately bring an action in small claims court. If enough neighbors do that, your landlord may get the message.