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A lodger is stealing from us. What do we do??

Berkeley, CA |

We had some things go missing and wondered if they were being stolen by our lodger. She left her room door wide open and we could see that things were in her room. Can we call the police and have her arrested? As a lodger (not a tenant) we believe we are allowed to enter her room. Is this true?

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You have the right to retrieve your stuff from her room, but not to just hang out in there. You can also choose to call the police if you like. How one handles a situation like this is really up to each individual to decide.


Yes, you can call the police if you choose.

As a lodger, you can also evict her on 30 days notice for any reason or no reason at all.

Alternatively, you might consider a 3-day Notice to Quit on the basis of "nuisance."

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