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A leaseholder has a guest staying that is making the other roommate uncomfortable. What can I do as landlord?

Dallas, GA |

I have a rental property that each of the 2 bedrooms is leased and there is common living area. One of the roommates (#1) is complaining that the other's (#2) boyfriend this there, even when roommate #2 is not. I have asked roommate #2 about it, but she says boyfriend is not there when she isn't. Today roommate #1 notified me that #2 is not there but boyfriend is. Is there anything I can do? I asked that they talk about it together, but they just don't get along well. There is a clause for "quiet enjoyment". I don't really want to evict her, as she pays rent on time and this is the only issue. Thanks for any advise.

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Attorney answers 2


Does the lease have a provision for guests? An attorney can review the lease in its entirety and advise you accordingly with respect to any remedies and proper notice.


I understand you do not want to evict one of the tenants but you have an obligation to provide quiet enjoyment to the other tenant. If one of them has guests that are disrupting the other tenant you need to advise that tenant that there are rules that have to be followed.

This is not intended to create an attorney client relationship and none is to be implied either. You must contact an attorney and present all facts before you can and should act on this response