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A LA County CA Superior Court Family Law court order must be signed by the judge within how many days of the hearing?

Riverside, CA |

If the judge fail to do so, the what are the options. If any?

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I am not aware of any time limits on such an administrative act.the courts are operating with limited stargf l and severely limited funds. It may take awhile to get in administrativeactions accomplished.

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I agree, I am not aware of any requirement that an order be signed within a certain amount of day. That said, if the Court took the matter under submission, then the Court has 90 days to prepare and serve the order on the parties.


The general rule is that all California judges must act on matters that are "under submission" within 90 days. Whether your matter is "under submissions" is not clear. For one thing, it is common - but not required - for judges to order one of the parties to prepare an order, allow the other side to review and object, and then submit it to the court for signature. In your case, is there already a proposed order prepared by one of the parties or by the judge, and all that awaits is a signature/

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