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A King County Road crew mistakenly identified an area of my property as an easement- taking down trees to access their drain.

Black Diamond, WA |

Lived in this home 14 years. A neighboring retention pond is located on the far south end of my property and the easement KING County uses is obvious and behind my property. The KING County Road crew came out to service this retention area but instead of using the designated easement they crossed over my property and cut down trees to get to the area they needed to service. Bringing in a large backhoe on my lawn and clearing area next to the fence on my side of the property line exposing the ugly retention area that had taken 14 years to acquire growth and privacy from. I had a hard time stopping them because they were sure they had easement rights. I told them to prove it. They came back and said they were in the wrong and there was no easements. What are my rights?

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You may have a claim for damages arising out of the trespass to land and/or trespass to timber. Your total damages could be trebled depending on the circumstances. You should seek the advice of an attorney that is knowledgeable in civil disputes/litigation and timber trespass.

Legal disclaimer: The answer provided: A) is for informational purposes only, B) is not intended to constitute legal advice, C) should not be relied upon in lieu of consultation with an attorney, and, D) does not establish an attorney client relationship. The answer may be different if all of the facts were known.


I agree with Mr. Meyler.

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I would recommend filing a claim against the County. You will need to use the County forms and follow its procedure. The link for this is below --- or go to the King County website for more information.

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