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A judgement was filed against me , can the company garnish my wages if i receive foodstamps in wisconsin

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can a company garnish my wages if i receive foodstamps in wisconsin

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It looks like you asked this question twice. See my prior answer and be sure to check both to find out whether anyone else has answered this question.


Wisconsin Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment actions are considered separate actions under Wisconsin Statute, requiring the payment of a filing fee and issuance of the earnings garnishment notice to the employer and employee, which can be accomplished by first class mail.

Upon issuance of the earnings garnishment, the garnishment will remain in effect for a period of 13 weeks. At the end of this time period, a new garnishment action must be commenced, unless the previous garnishment was voluntarily extended.

Typically, 20% of a debtor's net earnings after withholding taxes and Social Security can be taken by a creditor. A debtor does have the right to assert various exemptions to the garnishment, including income below the Federal Poverty Guidelines, eligibility to receive foods stamps or medical assistance, or court-ordered assignments of child support that exceed 25% of the debtor's wages.

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