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A Hotel "disposed" my luggage that I had stored there

New York, NY |

I stayed in a Hotel in NYC last month and when I checked out, I left my two bags in the luggage storage room. I was given tags for each of them and informed the Hotel that I would pick them up when I returned to NYC in 3 weeks. When I returned, I was told that the Hotel could not find them. When I called again the next day, the manager told me my belongings had been "disposed" off. They said it had been longer than 30 days which was not true. I can prove that it was not 30 days or more because of my check out date and I still have the tags for my luggage. My belongings had a value of about $1300. How can I get them to compensate me for this?

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Call company headquarters and do your best. If you went to small claims you'd have to sue the company in a small claims court where the company is geographically located. Either in NYC, or if they also are located where you live, you can try suing there. Sounds like you wouldn't be around NYC enough to be around for court dates in NYC.

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Gather your paperwork and make your case to the hotel's franchisee or, if that fails, to the president of the hotel chain by certified mail. You can also file a complaint with NYC Office of Consumer Affairs. It might help you to consult with a NY-based consumer rights attorney.

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If they won't voluntarily pay then you can sue in Small Claims Court.

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It sounds like a negligent bailment case. You should take legal action. Retain a lawyer. Often attorneys will work this type of case on a contingency.

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