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A harassment charge? How would I know if it's filed, and can it be filed?

Mesa, AZ |

A April of 2011,( sophomore year in hs) me and this kid got into a "verbal fight" at school which we were both sent to in school suspension for 2 days. A day or two after that I learned that his parents were threatening to file a harassment charge against me, even tho honestly both of us were to blame. After I learned about this I made sure to make no contact with the kid and havnt even talked about him. When/how would I know if a charge was even filed? Could one have been filed, but it's taken so long to process that it hasn't came up yet?

This has bothered me for a while, and any knowledge that could b shared would be appreciated. Thx.

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Attorney answers 2


If a charges is filed you will generally get notice of it. Misdemeanors especially fall into this category, as the charges can be given to the person immediately by citation or sent to the person via mail (which is a summons to go to court) Either way, you will have to be notified of the charges in written form. Harassment, requires more than an isolated incident for the prosecution to have a case. Usually, there are multiple offenses that have occurred to the same person by the same person in a relatively short period of time. So, the verbal fight could be disorderly conduct (using offensive gestures, language, etc), but if you have not received a summons or citation by now, it could be due to the prosecutor not being including to file charges.


Go to the link below and search your name. This may not give you the answer for certain but it is at the least a good start.