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A group of us got underage drinking tickets in Sellery during Mifflin weekend, how should we handle this?

Madison, WI |

We were just drinking in a friend's room quietly. The cops asked us to open up and step into the hallway. We dumped all the alcohol, all took breathalyzers, and we were extremely compliant (the cops were making small talk and joking around with us). There were three cops, and two of the cops told us that if it was our first offense, we would probably give warnings and have the RA write the room owner up (cops give us a talk here at UW Madison: they say that as long as we aren't being belligerent and destroying property, we won't get in trouble), but it wasn't their decision. The other cop said that we will be getting tickets, but she would call us on Wednesday to talk to us. Is there a possibility that she will give us warnings instead? If we get a ticket, how should we handle it?

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Enter a not guilty plea on your own or through counsel, go to the subsequently scheduled pre-trial conference and work out a deferred prosecution agreement to avoid a conviction.


There is a possibility the cops will just give you a warning. If she calls be polite and respectful, which usually goes a long way. If you are issued a citation, either contest the ticket on your own or consider hiring an attorney to handle it for you. In most circumstances you can work out an acceptable agreement with the DA's office that will result in a reduced citation amount, amended charge, or an outright dismissal. Best of luck.

Best of luck.