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A friend was recently indicted with 131 indictments encompassing 533 felonly charges can one attorney handle such a case?

Charlotte, NC |

The charges are OPFP, Forgery, Uttering, Confiect documents, consprisary to larcerny. They have charged 3 other people in various ways. At this point there has been a court appointed attorney. My biggest concern is that one lawyer cannot handle a case of this proportion and continue their practice. Is there a way to ask for additional council from the courts to assist in the defence. TOTAL amount of money involved is less than $55,000 and spans a 9 years period. Can anyone direct us to pro bono help. One local att'y told us his fee would start at 100K and could easily double as a defense could easily take 6 months of devoted time solely to this case to prepare a defense.

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One attorney can handle such a case, but it needs to be an experienced attorney. You will never get an attorney to take a case like that pro bono for the reason you stated. It will be too time consuming and would result in the lawyer going broke. Talk to the court appointed attorney and make sure they are up to the task. Courts usually will not add additional attorneys on the case unless it is a capital murder case.