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A friend of mine was in jail and got severely beaten and forever scarred, can he sue?

Wenatchee, WA |

Before he was placed in general public he asked to be placed in protective custody, but the jailer there said " his drunk tanks were saved for drunks" so he grudginly went into the tank and idk how much longer it was before he was beaten badly and stabbed in the head with a pencil nor did i get any details if he was sent to a hospital other than he was seen by the nurse there!!! he is wondering if he as a lawsuit, this occurred in 05-06 as his memory is fuzzy!

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He may have had a case, but the statute of limitations has probably expired. I believe it is 3 years. So even if he want to sue, he waited too long and lost his chance.


Confirm with atty in his state, but it appears he has waited too long.


There are exceptions to the statute of limitations, including a possibility that he was "incapacitated" by a brain injury or certain kinds of mental illness. He should at least talk to an attorney about any potential exception to the statute of limitations. Normally, the statute of limitations would be 3 years from the date of the injury for that kind of claim.

If nothing else, he can file a complaint with the jail to put his grievance on record. There is no statute of limitations on getting the word out.

Beyond that, it is unclear if he would have a claim against the jail anyway. Much more detail would be needed to assess the likelihood that there is a viable claim.


There may be a statute of limitations problem, but discuss the facts and circumstances with a local civil rights attorney.

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