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A friend of mine is being fired for cause from a company she has worked for for 16 years. The owner of the company is holding

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her hostage for an undetermined time frame saying if she doesn't do everything in the termination letter (including answering future phone calls after she trains someone) that she will be prosecuted. This company has many illegal practices already going on including keeping two sets of books. My friend is and was on medical leave for a surgery prior to all this happening. She knows ultimately that she will lose her job and plans to follow all requirements but shouldn't they wait for an official termination until she comes back from medical leave? & can they leave an open you have to do this forever or this will happen. The "cause" is a theft which the CFO knew about and allowed and allowed for her to pay back from bonuses over the past several years but the owner was not aware of

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Sounds like a very detailed case. I'm sorry, but there's way too much to this scenario to give good advice without a better understanding of the facts. If your friend desires legal advice she should personally seek out a local employment law attorney to assist her.

Providing this general response does not create an attorney client relationship.

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