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A friend of mine has been accused of sexual misconduct with his daughter. he has done nothing. what do we do

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she is a confirmed liar. has been in court for misconduct in and out of school. is using drugs. doesn't feel she has done anything wrong in accusing her father. i know for a fact that he has done nothing. all the dates she has said were the times he assaulted her are dates he wasn't even in town. he has already been found guilty altho' he has not been to court. his life is ruined as far as the public is concerned. i love this man and know he is innocent. money is an issue in getting a lawyer. how do you fight this when all opinions are against you. where do men that have been falsely accused go for help. he worked in a prison at one time and saw mens whole lives turned upside down and will be guilty all their lives. with no hope of redemption.

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This is a very serious allegation. Therefore, your friend has only one thing to do. He needs to hire a very serious attorney to handle this in a very professional way. Give me a call and we can discuss the situation. Joseph Chancellor (617) 725-2675


I can only agree with Mr. Chancellor, though I can't vouch for him personally (he certainly seems well qualified, I am only saying I don't know him!) -- in either event you must get a attorney who is knowledgeable about defamation law and criminal law on this, and very fast.

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