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A friend is currently in the detention center accused of real estate fraud on a criminal complaint/case,

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and a trial date has not set.

B friend is also a defendant accused of real estate fraud on a criminal/case that is related with A friend criminal complaint/case.

My question is, if B friend can file some motion or injunction to have the criminal/case postponed until after the conclusion of A friend's criminal complaint/case?

I do not believe this B friend is guilty of either the criminal complaints/case.

Also, can other civil cases that are related or associated with A friend's criminal case complaint also file an injunction as well?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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You're friend's attorney must ask the court to continue the case. Whether it is granted will depend on a lot of factors: the judge, the DA, how long they want to continue it.
But criminal cases are often continued for a variety of reasons. Have your friend speak with their attorney about this and whether it is the best course of action.


This is something that your friend’s attorney would need to review and decide how to act.
Robert Driessen

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If the cases are related factually, then there will be a strategic advantage to the prosecutor, one way or the other, as to which case "goes" first. Very likely, one defendant or the other will get a really good offer for a plea. Or the cases may be consolidated. What I am saying, is that this issue won't likely be decided by the mere making of a motion based on timing issues or the convenience of counsel. The DA will figure out the best strategy and bring it to bear if at all possible, and it likely will be possible because the DA will make it possible. That's what prosecutors do. Fish swim and prosecutors press their advantages.

As for the issue of the "related" civil trials, it is unlikely that a criminal prosecution will trail behind resolution of multiple civil cases. More often, what happens is just the opposite.

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Generally, criminal cases will go forward even if a civil case is ongoing. Paying restitution or reaching a civil settlement always helps with mitigating liability in both cases. This does not necessarily effect the INS detention however.
Your friend needs to get a good lawyer to handle these matters. Good luck.