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A friend, mows and landscapes, and has for over 3-4 years for a private business and services their 2 homes as well. He has

Spokane, WA |

monies due for services completed over last 2 weeks. Last night he gets a text from businessman, that he going to withhold monies for bushes that died and a sprinkler system problem resolved in June. Can he threaten to withhold money owed for mowing and maint, for bushes an ivy he thinks you killed? He is rich and pompous and verbally attacks his workers. Also, pays in cash. Threatened to take friend to court if he fights this. He is withholding 400.00 from his earnings for some bushes, ivy and a sprinkler prob. The mowing and services done and has nothing to do with other. Can this be done? This big coin dealer barks out threats of taking him to court and suing him for more monies. Is this legal? No letters sent prev to state he was dissatisfied with services performed. Thank you.

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Your friend should take him to Small Claims Court. Take copies of invoices unpaid and past services and copy of text. Ask the Judge for full amount plus late fees, then never show up at his property again. Good Luck!


Mr. Potter is correct. To get results, go to small claims. But what is your interest? Will you be rendering legal advice to your friend?

I am not your attorney. Contact an attorney for advice immediately.