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A few questions regarding leaving the country while on probation in Utah. I am trying to go to Costa Rica for vacation.

Salt Lake City, UT |

1. Have probation officers in Utah been known to grant permission to leave the country for vacation?
2. If I left the country without permission would I have any hold ups leaving and or coming back?
3. Would my PO be notified for my passport being ran?

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I am not from Utah, but I really don't think that matters for purposes of answering this question. Probation. What does it mean? It means a grace period, one step away from jail. It is a last chance. It means scrupulous behavior. It does not mean what can I get away with? That is the attitude that gets people charged, convicted and incarcerated.

If you are even thinking of leaving the country without permission, you do not understand how thin the ice is for you. Do not do this unless, deep down, you really want to find out what life is like in jail or prison. ICE has a database that will flag probationers upon re-entry. You have no fourth amendment protection when you cross a border, so they can search everything you have, and probably will.

My advice is talk to your probation officer. Be polite. Be prepared to explain when you would like to leave, and when you would return. Have the precise address of where you will stay, along with a telephone number. Be prepared to identify with name and address all people who will go with you and who you will visit. This information will give you the best chance to get permission. Even then, it may not happen. But if it does not, accept the decision with grace. You may buy yourself some good will, and have a shot at getting what you want sometime in the future. There are lots of nice places to visit in the US.

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Talk to your attorney about these questions.

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You seem to have an attorney. You should be directing these questions to your attorney. You need to ask for a travel permit to leave UT, let alone the country. If you left the country without permission, that would be incredibly stupid and you are just asking for trouble and for your probation to be revoked and to go to jail. Your PO would find out - no doubt.

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