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A female security inappropriately touch me twice in er hospital then 6 officers tackled me do i have a case?

West Covina, CA |

during the time i was tackeled i screamed and yelled for help i begged them to stop i told them i couldnt breath i felt as if i was about to die then they put a mask on me while still on floor which made it harder to breath i urinated on myself and quickly passed out. when i woke up the same female security which another male officer acted as if they were tuanting me. i looked into the mirror later and saw three rug burn marks on my face.

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The testimony by all the ER personnel would be that you were incoherent, combative and had to be restrained for your own protection. Jurors would have to choose between believing you and a whole bunch of medical professionals. How do you honestly see the odds of your success?


Agree with prior post. Do you have any independent witnesses?


It does not sound as if you have any injury other than the rug burn on your face, which presumably has/will heal without a problem. Your case will be your word against everyone you listed, plus the other staff members. I just don’t a lawsuit worth pursing… extremely difficult liability and low damages.

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