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A family member was arrested in Fl, for SC warrant, and his baby is now with the mom that abuses roxycodon, What should I do?

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I want to call DCF and report her in, she doesnt have a stable home and most of her family do them as well. If they dont find them on her will they pursue the investigation on her? I am very worried about my nephew, and she knows that DCF is pry gonna look for her so will be trying to lay low for a wile. I am not sure exactly where she is staying ether. How should I go about with this? Please write me back I am very concerned for the baby. Thank you so much

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I do not think that this is a criminal defense question. I will give you some friendly advice. If mom is on drugs, why not try to get her help or persuade her to get help? Is there a drug free family member who will keep the baby while she is getting help? If she does not want help or is unwilling to get it , maybe the threat of DCF involvent will change her mind? If she absolutely will not get help and you have information of a real and credible threat to the child's safety, you will have no choice but to call DCF, as you may be a mandatory reporter.However be aware that calling DCF may only compound the problems--what if the child ends up in foster care or they move to terminate parental rights. Try to handle this situation as a family and call DCF only if it is absolutelt necessary to protect the child.


I agree with Ms. Wright. You need to do what you can to protect the children. DCF isn't always the best answer and there are alternatives such as private therapists and safehouses, but each county is different. Call 211 to see what alternatives there are.


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