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A Family Lawyer,near S.J., with Mediation experience and right rate is needed as we want a Legal Separation by Mediation ASAP.

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We want a Legal Separation through Mediation ASAP. A Family Lawyer, near San Jose, with Mediation experience and right rate is needed . My husband and I have agreed on all the things, we just need your knowledge to guide us fairly and legally. We are well educated so that you only need to give us the Action Items, then we will do it fast. Our preference are these:
1. Have quite experience in Mediation , and have the State License for Mediation, if required by Court.
2. Provide all the options we have for each topic so that we can pick up the right one , and no regret later.
3. Closer to San Jose, within 30 minutes' drive.
4. Right rate since we only need to go through paper work.
5. Make it done within one month, or so.
Thank you for your response!

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I am a family law attorney in Palo Alto. I mediate family law cases and do volunteer mediation in Palo Alto. I also write and teach on mediation.


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There a literally hundreds of well trained mediators all within 30 minutes of San Jose who could address your concerns. Do a search on the internet. Jointly agree on one. Both of you need to each draft up your own areas of concerns and desired outcome for each concern and EXCHANGE them with the other. You might find that you are in agreement on the majority of issues. Then, you can "submit" to mediation the shorter list of what is truly in dispute and each of your requested outcomes for those disputed issues.

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