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A dog bit my dog at the dog park, and the other owner wouldn't give me their contact information. What can I do?

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A dog bit my dog at the dog park, and the other owner wouldn't give me their contact information. What can I do?

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You don't really describe the circumstances as to what occurred. Was you dog on a leash? Did the other dog attack your dog? I assume your dog needed to be taken to the veterinarian as a result of the bite? Do you have any way of identifying the person whose dog bit your dog? If so, you might be able to pursue a small claims action against him or her for the costs you incurred, depending on the circumstances and assuming the other dog was the aggressor. Of course, if you can't find the dog owner you may simply be out of luck...

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If you find out who the owner is, you can take the owner to small claims court for the vet bill.


Unless the dog is a great deal bigger than yours I think you should just pay your bill. At the doggy park people often let their dogs run loose and that is a risk we take.

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