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A deduction from my paycheck was made each month for a Share of Cost (SOC) to be paid to Medi-Cal/State of California. however,

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However, this SOC deduction was not for me. It was for the person I was a caregiver for. This is how they are assured to get their money (Medi-Cal)-since they cannot take that deduction directly from SSA. Then, a letter is sent to me (provider) and to the Recipient stating the recipient owes the provider x amount of money and it is our responsibility to straighten out the monies involved. First, they tax my gross income for the pay period - that is okay since it is my earnings - but then they take the deduction (every month). At year-end they ASSUME that deduction has been reimbursed to me and therefore include it in total earnings for the year and then I pay tax on it again when I file my taxes. HOWEVER, that was not true and I was not reimbursed those deducted amounts ($635 each mo

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I wasn't able to read your full question because it got cut off, but it sounds like you have a fairly complex issue if deductions being made from your paycheck that benefit a third party. You would be best to get your paperwork together (pay stubs, tax info, any guidelines from your employer) and setting up an appointment to consult with a local attorney in the San Diego area.

This communication offers general information based on the very limited information provided, and does not constitute the giving of legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship.

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