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A criminal complaint has been filed against me charging me with contempt of court - protective order in CA. What will happen?

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My probation was for 3 years & was terminated after 1 year for perfect compliance. My concern is that he has made a series of unsubstantiated allegations that mirror those that I admitted to when he first made them and there is now a record of it. However, I have not gone near him. But he is claiming otherwise, and is producing photographic evidence. And again, he may even fabricate evidence which could make it look like me knowing full well that if it "looks bad enough", his word is more likely to be believed than mine. Can I be locked up without him having to prove his allegations?And again, these instances of vandalism to his car may be real, but they certainly were not perpetrated by me, regardless of any circumstantial evidence. Or, they may be staged and thus were designed to have me

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You need representation in this case. You have a right to a hearing and to see all the evidence against you. Don't be bullied by this guy. Get an attorney and fight this.

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I agree with Mr Solis. But I would add this-- focus on what you can DISPROVE. Because if you can affirmatively disprove something he fabricated, he loses credibility.

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I agree with my colleagues. It's impossible, based upon what you say, to give you an opinion. It sounds like there's a lot to this situation and the summary you give raises more questions than it answers. Any false accusation should be fought in court. I would strongly recommend you hire an attorney, have him or her look at every aspect of the matter and formulate your best defensive strategies. Do not leave anything to chance.

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