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A couple months ago my supervisor stated "Move out of my way before I kick you in the back". The company did nothing, what now?

Brooklyn, NY |

I have been having chronic back pains for over 9 months now and I have complained to my supervisors many times and have even had to leave work early or have been late due to this issue. The day this incident occured I was in great pain and moving around slowly. Since this incident I have been suffering from extreme panic and anxiety attacks evertime I work with this supervisor, I can't sleep at night due to nightmares about someone harming me by way of my back and I have become very defensive towards my co-workers because they seem to think its a joke and are always sating things like " shut up before I kick you in the back" or if I'm in someones way they'll say " Move before I kick you in the back" or " Don't make me get Kathy to come kick you in the back to straighten you out."

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You should consult with a workers' comp attorney to preserve your rights in case you need medical attention for your back in the future. Once you have a workers comp case started, you can receive medical care and psychological help without cost to you. If you need to take days off and you get paid for them from workers comp, I doubt your company will continue to ignore the situation.


I don't want to assume, but did you report this incident to Human Resources or a higher-level supervisor? If not, then it will be hard or impossible to expect the company to take corrective action.

The other thing I would want to know is whether you suffered some change in your job at some point. Specifically, were you terminated, suspended, demoted, for example? If any of those things happened or there were other changes in your job which you believe to be significant, you may want to consult with an attorney. It is hard or impossible to determine if you have any kind of case from the limited information posted here.

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