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A CI working with the police (in exchange for consideration in a drug case, 10 felony charges) stated that she was driven to my

Clovis, NM |

residence and waited in the car while her friend entered my home. She said after about 5 - 10 minutes, her friend returned and showed her a substance, stated it was Meth and that he had just purchased it from me. None of this, so called, substance was given to police to be tested, nor at any time was the informant in my house. In fact I have never even layed eyes on or met this person.

During the warrent being served, the officer in charge told me that if I would help them get a local guy that the Sgt. has issues with, steming back to high school, that there would not be any charges filed on me.

About 30 minutes before the task force showed up, a friend of mine was at my house and had left his pipes and dope in my desk.

I was targeted by this Sgt. because I have a history and alot to l

oose. My husband was not arrested or even spoken to by police. The CI's case was given a nine year suspended sentence, and was reduced to a single felony.

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You need to hire an attorney and attack this unknown tipster's information which lead to the warrant. If you can get the warrant thrown out then you win as the pipe and dope would have been discovered as the fruit of a poisonous tree. Otherwise you have a case where you apparently have unlawful possession of marijuana and paraphenalia and in Fl they are both misdermeanors unless the pot weighed more than 20 grams. Your friends seem to show up at bad times. The CI obviously has a lot of reasons to make things up and one of them was that you sold or made meth. The local police are obviously now watching you. Hire a qualified criminal defense attorney in your area. Check the AVVO site.