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A casulty adjsuter wants us to fill out an authorization to disclose health infomration and provide s SSN? Is this required?

Milledgeville, GA |

Can the claim be processes without that information if we have copies of all associated bills, or do they have to have access to medical records from the hospital?

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The insurance adjuster wants to be sure that he/she is getting a complete file of all hospital records so a certified copy will be requested directly from the hospital. This will require your SSN, but do you not have an attorney if you are making a claim? Usually your attorney will submit the HIPPA form to the hospital and acquire the records. Are you making a claim against your insurance company or another person/entity's insurance company?


If you are not represented by an attorney, the adjuster may indicate that he or she cannot go forward with processing your claim without the authorization form as a matter of policy. Having the authorization allows them to ensure they have a complete set of medical records and any medical bills that may have been overlooked.

However, this could also make them privy to ALL of your past medical information with that provider (which can be extensive if you have treated with that doctor or hospital in the past), possibly even privileged information if the authorization form is not properly limited.

I would strongly recommend that you consult legal counsel regarding your personal injury matter. You may be benefited by having an attorney speak on your behalf with the adjuster. An attorney would also request the records directly from the medical provider and then send them to the adjuster.

Mr. Ashenden is licensed to practice law in Georgia. The response to this question is not intended as legal advice and does not create an attorney/client relationship. Mr. Ashenden has responded based on the limited information provided by the inquirer in this forum. There is a Statute of Limitations applicable in every case and Mr. Ashenden strongly advises that the inquirer seek legal counsel immediately for a complete evaluation of the matter.


Make sure you review any releases with an attorney, and if you do not yet have an attorney, then you should seriously considering retaining an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney as early on as possible to ensure that you build your case and protect your rights. As noted in other posts here, your attorney can also assist you with ensuring that any releases are not overly broad and do not allow the adjuster or other third parties access to records which are beyond the scope of your claim. I wish you the best with your claim and continued recovery from your injuries.

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