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A car hit me while pulling out of my driveway who is at fault?

Los Angeles, CA |

i was pulling out of my driveway (foward) their was a car parked on my side (driver side) and i was going out slowly but a car hit me in front right side right on the wheel he said it was my fault but i feel he was going fast cause he didnt even have a chance to brake n i did the hit was pretty hard wich makes me think he was going fast n we live in a mobile home park where the speed limit should be "5 miles/hr" who is at fault here?

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In a residential setting all motorist are required not proceed through an intersection unless it is safe to do so. On the other hand, when pulling out of a drive way the motorist can only do with it is safe to pull out. There are not enough facts in your post to determine whether the other driver was on the wrong side of the road or if the road was only one lane. Your best is to turn it over to your respective insurance companies to get your cars repaired. If you think you were injured, seek medical attention.

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thanx for responding to my question .. actually the park has 2 lanes but like i said a car was park next door to me so the car that hit me was driving in the middle on the road. we both dont have insurance i was just pulling out the car infront of the house to wash the car i just bought it n just got register last week i was waiting to get pay this to put the insurance on it n be able to drive it as for the other driver i have no clue why he didnt have one. i wasnt injured it was just my car that got hit pretty badly.


I agree that your question does not provide enough information to understand the complete picture. This is what you pay insurance premiums for. Get your insurance involved and let the lawyers you've already paid for work it out.

Good luck.

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It could be that you are both partially responsible, but additional facts would need to be known to make a more educated evaluation.



like what kind of facts thanx for responding!


It is hard to give an opinion on liability with the limited information provided in your question.

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