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A business transaction gone wrong. As a consumer what are my options if entire goods are not delivered?

Jacksonville, FL |

I made payment for furniture, a bedroom set, but all the pieces were not delivered (head and foot-broad). It's been over 4 weeks and still no delivery. The owner has stated that he placed the order ....but every week the furniture does not arrive. He his not returning our calls.

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Your options depend on many things, including how you paid for the furniture, what the agreement says, whom you bought the furniture from, etc. Regardless, it probably worth your whole to contact an attorney for a consultation. You might just have to file a lawsuit.

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One question then is whether the seller's failure to perform is due to circumstances beyond his or her control. The contract may provide some relief to the seller if this is the case. You'll need to speak to a local lawyer to consider your options.


If you entered into an actual contract for the purchase of the goods, that will be the first place to look for determining your rights/options. Additionally, a business lawyer can write a demand letter for you to either request performance (I.e. that they deliver the ordered goods within a certain amount of time) or issue a refund of your purchase price. Good luck!

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