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A boy says he touched my daughter while she slept when he stayed the night but she was in bed with me, a dhs report was made?

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3 months ago i let my friend's 13 year old son stay the night, my daughter slept in my bed and i was up all night, my kids and i went to get breakfast the next morning, i came home and the 13 year old was on my couch playing with himself, my kids didnt see it but i scolded him and took him to his dads. now 3 months later he told his school counselor that he touched my daughter while she slept and his dad going along with it. it is impossible that hat could have happened and now dhs wants me to call them, i am the non custodial parent here and am afriad the accusation alone will hurt my daughter and me. the kids dad actually told his roomate that he is doing this to help get his son help for other problems, so i do have a witness to the this being untrue. what do i do?

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Sometimes children experiment You should retain an attorney to call DHS, this could easily be explained, especially if your daughter did not wake up or notice the touching or perhaps she did not want to tell you?

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i guess i didnt explain it in enough detail but the thing is i believe the 13 year old is troubled or something because it is impossible that what he said could have happened, my daughter slept in my bed and i was up that whole night playing a video game on my tv until my kids got up for breakfast, i took them to mcdonalds and when we came back i saw him on my couch playing with himself under a blanket and he stopped before my kids walked in i took the kids to the room and came back and scolded the boy and took him to his dad and that was that, i have no idea where this story he is telling came from but it is not true at all there is no way it could have happened. he feel asleep before i took my kids to my bed for the night so as far as he knew they were in the same room with him where they had been watching movies and his story is he got in the floor where my daughter was and did that while she was sleeping, but the fact of the matter is after he fell asleep i put my kids in my bed and turned off the movie we all had been watching. end of story.


You should contact DHS or CACD to give them your statement. Without going through the process you may not know for sure when/where/what time the alleged incident occurred. Other factors may play into the boy making these statements but you refusing to cooperate will only hurt you and make you look suspicious. If you want to have an attorney present for the questions it would not hurt, you can also ask to record the interview for your own records.

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