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A bike pedal fell off put on b a very well know store.I had insurance on the bike.Fault addmitted what next?

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I had purchased a bike a a well noted store and bought insurance which no pamphflet was given, (i had to go pick up) The pedal had fallen off and i had sustained injurys. I went to the store filled out a accident report and stated i had no insurance and i felt i needed medical attention. weeks went by, went back to store they gave me a number, i had then called at least 30 times finally i had reached a human. i made myself known as to what happened to the report and 2 different occassions they appoligized for their mistake, the manager that forgot to make my report important. so now the addmitted fault and want to pay medical per letter that i have recieved. i got a lawyer but he fails to see they had NOT EVEN CARED TO EVEN CALL ME TO SEE IF I WAS OK....NO CALL NOTHING. WHY IS THAT?

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To brief, it sounds like you need to try to talk to your attorney to see if his heart is in the case. If not, have a candid, non-confrontational conversation as to why. If you disagree and still want to fight it, ask for your file from your attorney and put in writing (and keep an exact copy) that you are firing him for failure to adequately do his job for you. Then immediately find another attorney that is known for and good at handling tough personal injury cases. I would be happy to talk to you about your case if you want a second opinion and/or if you decide you want a different attorney. Otherwise, let your current attorney know that you expect more communication and action from him.

As for the company and their insurance, don't expect a human response, such as a sincere apology. They are in the business of paying as little as possible to injured people. Sad but true, in my opinion.

Best of luck.

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i am definetly interested, will call in am. thank you for you response in such a timely matter.


They arent obligated to treat you nicely or be good, caring people. A lawsuit cant make them be nice to you. All the case can do is try to provide financial compensation.



thank you for your time...happy holidays


Both Mr. Kopelson and Mr. Krupnick make good points, and I agree with them. The carrier for the bike shop's insurance does not have an obligation to get you to the doctor. That you must take care of first. If your lawyer is not doing his/her job to your satisfaction, then you need to have a frank discussion with your lawyer about what you expect from your counsel. If the communication does not improve, then you should discuss your case with another attorney to see what someone else may be able to do for you.

Marc Lazarus

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