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A battery was committed on my son. should I get a lawyer in my county or in the meddlesome doctor's county to sue her?

Danville, CA |

this is not a welfare case, law enforcement nor cps was involved, my mom thinks I do drugs when I don't, she called cps so many times, I test clean everytime, I have like 6 emergency cases all ruled unfouded. a fam. friend/doctor claims she apparent consent, she was not my son's doctor at any time, this doctor drew his blood, gave him a urine test, then cut my 5 yr olds hair, and gave it to my mom to take it for sampling, very poor quality and control customs. He passed his urine test that day and doctor still called cps to make a report, (I am not upset she called cps, even though it was not necessary). It's quite a coincidence that I am looking on ca courts judicial proposals, and I see a bay area lawyer address all these issues in the proposal,about this same subject matter, to a

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This apparently does not belong in the Criminal Defense area. You are talking about suing someone, which would be a civil issue.

Only the District Attorney (or, in some cases, the Attorney General) can file a criminal action.

Please understand that this is a general discussion of legal principles by a California lawyer and does not create an attorney/client relationship. It's impossible to give detailed, accurate advice based on a few sentences on a website (and you shouldn't provide too much specific information about your legal matter on a public forum like this site, anyway). You should always seek advice from an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction who can give you an informed opinion after reviewing all of the relevant information.


My colleague is correct, this sounds like a civil matter and you should consult with a civil practitioner. If the police are not involved, then there will not be a criminal prosecution, which the DA's dictate, etc. Seek out a good, local civil attorney. Good luck.


This is a civil matter for which you need a civil attorney.


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