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A balance due on a loan is the 15th does that mean it is void on the 14th at 12 mid.or end of business dat the 15th?

Wasilla, AK |

some items at a pond shop were supposely disposed on the morning of the day the loan was due. The shop claimed it was up at 12 mid between the 14th and the 15th.I feel as though the cut off time would legally be the end of the business on the day stated on the signed contract,which in the case is the 15th. I am I correct or did I get screwed?

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It's an interesting question, and the answer probably lies in your state statutes. I am not licensed in Alaska. However, by way of comparison, here in PA, if I am required to file an answer or other court-related document by a specific date (let's say, the 15th) my document is due by close of business on the 15th. As more jurisdictions turn to electronic filing, that opens the available filing date/time up until 11:59 on the date the document is due.

So turning back to your question, unless there is some specific provision in a statute relating to bailment, stating that the 15th ends at midnight on the 14th, I would say that your pawn shop is probably incorrect. Depending on the value of the items disposed of, you might want to contact a local attorney to discuss this issue and to try to determine if there is any cost-effective recourse for you.

This answer is general in nature and is not intended to nor does it create and attorney-client relationship. If you have any further questions on this issue, you are encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney in your state.