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A 21yr guy that works for my husband got picked up by immigration, what can we do to prevent him from deportation?

Auburn, WA |

this 21yr guy works for my husband, he was on home monitoring for a probation violation (he had gotten a dui) when he turned in his home monitoring device he was picked up by immigration at a city jail. He is 21yrs old has been in the country for 19 yrs old. He did not know his mom never filed the paperwork to make him a legal citizen. Is there anything we can do for him? We live in WA state. Would they keep him in the city jail?

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Without more information, it's impossible to determine what can be done for your husband's employee. I would recommend that the employee consult with an immigration lawyer.


The immigration will most likely move him to an immigration detention facility in WA. Once there he will be served with charging documents listing the reasons why he is being held. Once served, he will be taken to an immigration judge to answer those charges against him. I would advise you to contact an immigration attorney in the area so he may have adequate representation. Your employee may be eligible for some form of relief (possibility of remaining in the U.S.) that he may be unaware of.

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The best thing that you can do is to contact an immigration attorney to represent your husband's employee. DUI, in and of itself, is not a deportable offense. It is however punishable by enough potential jail time that it could fall under the INS's grounds for exclusion. It sounds like the DUI conviction is only part of the problem. Seek the counsel of an immigration attorney immediately.

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