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A 15year old sent nude pictures, 25yr old sent some back. she sent them first tho. what am i facing?

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yes, you're probably possessing and/or distributing child pornography. If you receive photos, delete, do not resend them anywhere.

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Child porn. Possible jail. Possible lifelong lable as sex offender.

Hire criminal defense attorney IMMEDIATELY.

DO NOT again go online with your case facts and admit to illegal activity as it appears you did in this post. Make sure you tell your attorney about what you posted here.

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What is "pornography" is a muddled area of the law; nudity alone is not enough to support a charge. With that said, you should speak to a criminal defense attorney ONLY and do not talk to anyone else about the matter, especially the local police or FBI. Whatever images you may have on your computer or phone, you should delete them immediately. In fact, you should consider destroying the hard drive and/or SIM card.

Good luck.

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