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9 year old warrant for Failure To Appear, DWLS 2nd Degree, Snohomish Co

Oak Harbor, WA |

Hello, I recently got my license back and went to school for a WA state CDL-A, and an employment background check shows I have a warrant from 2001 for Failure To Appear for DWLS 2nd Degree, Snohomish County So. In 2008, I took care of another warrant for DUI, did jail time, and thought I was finally clear of all my past mistakes. Then this pops up, and has left me wondering how I managed to get both a license and a CDL-A with this on my record. I want to take care of this, and would like to know if there is a possibility of having the current warrant expunged, or to expect a fine and more jail time. Currently unemployed and have no money for an attorney, and have a great driving job lined up which is on hold until I turn myself in.

Thanks for any insight.

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Below I listed a link to the Department of Licensing's (DOL) direct tab to check driver's license status. If you are willing to do some footwork to get some information- go to an actual DOL and ask to get a driving abstract. Expect to fork out about $15.00 after waiting in line for what will seem like a waiting for a baby to be born, raised and graduate high school. From the driver's abstract you at least can see what needs to unfold. If you are not able to afford a private pay attorney, as you wrote above, I would like to ask if you called around to meet with attorneys for a consult to see if there are any who would be willing to accept payments. I wish you the best.