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9 mph over limit speeding ticket in Utah effect California driving record (DMV points)

Saint George, UT |

I'm a CA licensed driver. I got pulled over in Utah for doing 74 in a 65 zone. According to the officer, he had me on radar for 77 mph, though I don't think I was driving that fast and he never showed me the radar and officer was driving in opposite lane. It was on U.S. Route 89. Weather perfect. Visibility 100%. No cars around. I only had 1 speeding ticket 20 years ago in CA. I have a clean driving record.

The ticket is only $90. But I'm afraid that it will add points to my record in California thus effecting my auto insurance rate.

My questions:
1. Will this ticket effect my insurance rate in California if I pay the fine (guilty)?
2. I have read online that this will not be reported to CA DMV because it was below 10 mph over the speed limit, this true?

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You would need to ask a California attorney as to what the CA DMV will pick up. Likewise you need to ask your insurance agent what will cause an increase in your rates. I would suggest you get an attorney to see about getting you a plea in abeyance in Utah. A plea in abeyance will eventually have the case dismissed.

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