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80% changed to 65%

Fresno, CA |

Is it true that starting November 1st, a felony that required an inmate to serve 80% is now going to be changed to 65%?

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No. It is not true.



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This myth has been floating around for years. Some of us suspect it originates with those serving LWOP sentences seeking to have a little fun at their eventually to be released prison colleagues' expense.

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This is a really common question. The answer is no, but I understand the confusion. In federal prison, the mandatory percentage is 85%.. just like some sentences (on violent offenses) in state prison. There have been attempts in the past to reduce that number to 65% via Congressional bills, but none of them have passed and as of August of this year, none were pending. I think people hear about those efforts and think that it would apply to California prisons, but it wouldn't--- it would apply, if it passed some day, only to inmates serving federal sentences.

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