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8 Stitches in head how much compensation from a punch

Wisdom, MT |

My boyfriend got hit in the head with a cup at a house party and had to get 8 stitches in his head. Myself and my boyfriend have given statements and the guy in question has admitted hitting my boyfriend however, he said it was not with an object. No one will act as a witness backing up our story. So what I am asking, if someone punches another person in their head an causes scarring and 8 stitches worth of damage what is the victim entitled to? is it worth going to court?

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There is the potential of permanent injury re concussion coming up later in life.

See a personal injury attorney right away


I'm sorry your boyfriend was injured. You should contact a local attorney for an assessment and specific legal advice. In most cases, it is only "worth going to court" if the person responsible for the injury has assets/insurance sufficient to cover a damage award and only if you are fairly certain that you can prove liability.

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Kevin Coluccio

Kevin Coluccio


I agree with Ms. Brown. Contact an attorney.


Find a local personal injury attorney. Utilize Avvo's attorney directory.

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Yes. There may also be a homeowner's claim.

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What is "worthy going to court" depends on many circumstances. In general, a person is responsible for injuries he causes another person. The question becomes, does he have money to pay for the actual damages (medical costs, etc.) and for any future damages and pain and suffering. Does he have insurance that could cover this? Does he have assets you could levy to pay for the damages? You should contact an attorney.

This is not meant to be legal advice but only a general response to a general question. Legal advice requires more attention to details and circumstances to be accurate and reliable. Do not rely on this response as legal advice. If you want legal advice about your matter, you must set up a consultation with this attorney by calling (406)756-911.


The value of a case is difficult to assess without a complete understanding of the facts and circumstances of your case. If, however, your boyfriend suffered a significant injury, permanent injury, scaring or a concussion, then it may be worth "going to court." I recommend you contact a local attorney to discuss the incident and any possible cause of action. Further, you may want to obtain the police report to address the witness and statement issues mentioned.

The above answer is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. I have provided this answer only based on the information presented in the question. The specific actions or answers to this issue require additional information. The above information and answering this question does not constitute an attorney-client privilege. I am not responsible for any issues, problems or losses from any reliance on this answer and information, and the consequences of such reliance.

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