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6month mis probation. First time offense no priors of any kind. been almost a year. How do I resolve best?

Fort Worth, TX |

I have a domestic violence class C misd which I pleaded guilty to in order to avoid jail time. It was my first offense and I do not have any prior record. I was put on 6 months probation. I have violated my probation. It's been almost a year. Do the circumstances matter at all? Either way I am at a point where I am looking to address this issue. I know I must turn myself in but what is the best way to do so?

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You need to hire an attorney. You seem to be a little confused about the offense, as you can't get jail time for a class C misdemeanor, so you clearly are in a bit over your head. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer in town and get their advice. They may need to get a judge to set a bond for you so you can get a bond company to do a "walk through" with you, which will minimize the time you spend in jail. After that, talk to the attorney about the circumstances of your violation and hopefully they can use them when negotiating with the Judge about what your punishment will be. Good luck.

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You really do need to hire a local lawyer. Whether your case originated as a class C or was reduced to class C in County Criminal Court your worst case scenario is a $500 fine. An attorney may be able to help you keep this from becoming a final conviction. Assault convictions, even class C, can hamper you in ways you cannot imagine now. Find a local attorney who offers free consultation and get some good advice.

lawyer who offers free consultation and get some good advice,

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I agree with my colleagues; you need to contact a lawyer before you do anything else.

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