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question is: can my good behavior such being mentor of kid here, volunteer in some organisations partly help me with 601 ? I have just long time ago cr. record from other country..No charge or conviction...nothing, just fingerprints taken..But i see i need 601 with my adj. of status papers..Right?

my husband is not ill, he provides us, so, i dont see any hardship base on documents..Just feelings ..Tats all..And why i must applay 601 only for some stupid long ago past espesially i have explanations about what happened..i am nice person and never hurt anybody...It seems like without handycap--husband its impossible to over 601...amer. immigr. law just sucks

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hard to say what you need without seeing your documents. But to answer your question, when applying for an I-601 waiver, you need to prove hardship to a qualifying relative and not necessarily your good moral character or hardship to you. Having said all of this, I strongly recommend that you speak with an experienced immigration attorney.

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You need to go to an attorney and have your case evaluated. You might not need the I-601 waiver at all. Or, you may qualify or not qualify for something else. IF you were JUST fingerprinted (or arrested) and the charges were dropped, you might not have an conviction.

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Good behavior is 'good' .... but you still need to show the hardship.

It isn't as hard to prove hardship as you may think ... meet with an attorney to learn more.

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I agree with my colleagues. It is good to show your positives but it does not replace the hardship. You should contact an attorney for a consultation. These are complex applications.

Dhenu Savla, Esq.
SwagatUSA, LLC

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A totality of circumstances may help in eliciting a finding of extreme hardship. Be patient in listing every detail and work with an immigration who could guide you through the process. There is no specific definition of extreme hardship but case law points to various factors that could lead to such a finding.

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Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman


Good answer

Mary Carmen Remigio Madrid-Crost

Mary Carmen Remigio Madrid-Crost


Thanks, Carl.

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