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6 year old's mother sleeping in the same bed with her son & bf!!!??

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My spouse and I have been separated for about 3 years now. The mother left. She has not spent any time with her son and for the last maybe 10 months she is now in and out of his life. She is an unstable woman bouncing from apt to apt with different men & people every time. She does not share where she is taking my son, nor does she give me the information of who theses people are around my son. Recently, in the last 2 weeks, she stated that she NEEDs to divorce immediately because she is going to marry this guy that she has been with for about 2 mos. She will not disclose who he is. My son told me when he came back from her house today that he has been sleeping with his mother & her bf in the same bed. What are the laws for this. Can I ask the court for mental evaluation & temporary custody?

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Retain a good, experienced domestic relations attorney. Explain everything. File first. Insist on a parenting plan, in the best interest of the children, which keeps the kids with you under the court orders, with visitation to mom.

If mom is in such a hurry, she may be willing to concede certain points to you.

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Your wife sleeping with her boyfriend and your son isn't improper per say, but that doesn't mean that knowing more facts a judge won't deem it unsuitable for the child. You should proceed with a divorce quickly and bring all of this information to the attention of the family court judge.

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You need to file for divorce and request that the child live predominately with you. Until there is a court order, there isn't much that you can do. However, you have a right to know where your child is at all times, and who your child is spending time with, including Mom's boyfriends. I'm also reasonably certain that a Judge would require her to obtain appropriate sleeping arrangements for the child if she is going to have the child for overnights, even though, technically, it's not "illegal."

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