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50/50 visitation and able to receive food stamps and wic

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My ex and I do not live together but we agreed on 50/50 visitation. Where there is no child support involved. I was wondering would I still be able to receive food stamps and wic and Medicaid for my child if we do fifty fifty visitation? I feel that's the best interest for our child and he work days and I work nights so it works out great that I get the child from 6am to 6pm and the father has the child from 6pm to 6am everyday so we don't have to do daycare. But my question is am I able still to receive Medicaid, food stamps and wic

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You can do 50/50 but someone is probably going to have to pay child support.

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Medicaid, food stamps and WIC are income dependent...your income. You must identify the other parent and acknowledge any child support. Failing to do so may cause you much larger problems. It is up to the OAG whether or not to pursue your ex for reimbursement to citizens who are providing services for your children.
In the event you decide to apply for services, I would not count on a 50/50 possession schedule to shield him from an OAG claim. And, that is beyond your control.


I agree that no child support will probably mean no aid programs.

I think it unlikely that a 12 hour on/12 hour off possession schedule will be approved by a judge. It does not sound feasible for more than a short time. Most 50/50 schedules switch after several days or a week.

You really should consult an attorney. You will probably do better with a different plan.

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