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50/50 custody for a 3.5 yr old. Custody Order in Place for 50/50 custody. I am going to fight in court to move 45 minutes away.

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I am pro se. I have spent all the money that can be spent since she was 3 weeks old fighting these people, so I need real answers. I have lived with my mom since she was born. He has lived with his parents, and his girlfriend in two different houses, and back at his parents, since she was 3 weeks old. I met a great guy, we are engaged. He lives 45 minutes away from me. I am moving there, I am establishing my daughter in a church and extra curricular activities, and establishing friendships with her future cousins and family members. I need a custody schedule that will keep the 50/50 in play, so that I can move. The main concern with the court is keeping the 50/50 if I move will it affect his time. She goes to pre-school, but I don't want her to go till she is 4. Head start is fine,

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The only person who can give you "real answers" is an experienced family law attorney who knows the details of your case. There are ways to implement a shared arrangement when parties live 45 minutes apart by giving him more holiday and vacation time to make up for the time that he will miss during the school year. However, your attorney should approach him to see if he will consent. If he opposes the move, you will be required to follow the requirements outlined in the statute, starting with the service of a Notice of Relocation and Counter-Affidavit at least 60 days before you move. You will also be required to file a Petition with the court to modify the order. Quite frankly, the courts where I practice typically will not permit the children to be relocated for the reasons that you stated when a shared custody arrangement is in place if the other parent objects. Therefore, it is likely that you will have an uphill battle. It is not wise to handle this matter on your own.

My response is based solely on the limited information contained in the question. It is not meant to substitute your attorney's advice.



I have an 8 month old that my fiance is going to adopt once we are married, to a different man other than my 3.5 yr old. He has two kids he has full custody of his 6 yr old and he sees his son on the weekend, but lives at his grandmas because of the school. So he will not be able to move. I will keep all her doctors etc how they are, so the only thing that will be affected is time, unless i can find a solution to school. She is going to want to go to school with her sister. I live in Jeannette and he lives in greensburg, and we don;t have the same school as it is or same city and its a 18 minute different of where he lives to me


The custody statute sets forth the procedural steps for relocation, if that applies in this case. You may want to give thought to presenting various scenarios that would keep a 50/50 schedule. Also, if you could get him to agree to one of those custody arrangements/scenarios before you meet with a Judge, it would facilitate the process.



he will not agree to anything. He will not agree to me letting her stay with my fiances sister in law as a caregiver, even though our court order says we can choose our own providers if we can not agree. he fights everything i do, and has always done this since she was 3 weeks old. there have to be tactics that make me look better in the court. he doesn't have a stable job his own stability is he lives with his parents, and even at that he lived with his girlfriend/turned fiance/ and they broke up... rumor has it they are together again, but who knows. i have went through several attorney. and i seem to be the only one who is not afraid of these people.


I suggest seeing if you can work this out with the other parent. If you cannot, it is possible, especially if he has an attorney, that he will successfully argue why he should receive more time for the child's stability and that he should not be penalized because you are the one moving away (if a 50-50 time cannot be reached in the new setup).

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As with attorney Silverman, the judges with whom I have worked with would also not allow the relocation under the circumstances you've outlined, and I suspect that would be the case with most judges in Beaver County.

There may be other factors a judge would consider that you have not mentioned. An experienced family law attorney can discuss with you the other factors that may be important.

Contact the Court administrator's office in beaver county (I have provided a link below) to see if they can assist you in locating an attorney sensitive to your financial situation.

The responses provided on this site are intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal advice regarding an individual situation. No attorney-client relationship is created between the reader and Jeffrey S. Helffrich, Esquire, or between the reader and Masorti and Donaldson, P.C.

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